vaginal surgery overview

Vaginal surgery, par excellence, is the domain of the gynaecologist, and it is fair to say that no other specialist has the same expertise and experience in vaginal surgery as a gynaecologist. Vaginal surgery is a very attractive concept as it leaves no external scars, complications tend to be less than with open or laparoscopic surgery, and recovery is usually quicker.

The two classic indications for vaginal surgery are hysterectomy and repair of prolapse (vaginal and uterine prolapse). Some fibroids can also be removed via the vagina. However, it should be appreicated that not all hysterectomies can be done vaginally, some prolapse repair operations are better done abdominally or laparoscopically, and only a small proportion of fibroids are suitable for vaginal myomectomy. Despite these restrictions, vaginal surgery remains an extremely useful intervention in properly selected cases.