Movie: Laparoscopic bag to remove large ovarian cysts

The treatment of benign ovarian cysts (fluid filled cavities inside the ovary) is an accepted indication for laparoscopic surgery. Ovarian cystectomy (excision of the ovarian cyst with conservation of the ovary) and oophorectomy (excision of the ovarian cyst along with the ovary) are two of the procedures, the choice depending on a number of factors including the nature and size of the cyst, your age, the condition of the other ovary, etc. As shown in this clip, even large ovarian cysts can be removed laparoscopically through a small skin incision by placing the cyst inside a plastic bag to limit spillage of cyst fluid, sucking out the cyst contents from the outside, and then pulling the bag containing the deflated cyst through the abdominal skin incision.

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